Like A Rock


I am, a lowly servant, fearing the Lord God,
Taking all His commands in my heart, obediently,
One may drown me with sinful thoughts,
But, like a rock, my obedience is solid, wholeheartedly

Does my talk about God’s love for all offend your sense?
Does my song, praising and glorifying God, upset your days?
You may throw harsh words at me,
But, like a rock, my trust in Him is solid, always.

Does my always cheerful face bother you?
Does my broken English keep you distancing?
You may turn your back to ignore my existence,
But, like gentle air, I embrace you with sincere serving

Does my friendly smile trouble your cold heartedness?
Do my prayers for enemies catch you with an odd feeling?
You may crush me with hatefulness,
But, like incense, my love for you will always be ascending.

For a loving, kind and compassionate, innocent man
Suffered with cruel whips, and crown of thorns,
And crucified and died for all,
In my heart, a cross stands.

Wickedness may feed me with earthly temptation,
Or pour upon me hatred, racism, and division,
But because God loves all more than life, everlasting.
And because God’s will is guiding me in loving,
Like a rock, my hope, my dream and my destination are in serving,
Like a rock, my faith in Him will never be wavering
 Joe Hung Nguyen

Khê Kinh Kha

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