Deacon Joe Hung Nguyen



TGIF. Thanks God it’s Friday.

How many times have we said that?

And yet, that sounds so strange given what we have read or heard proclaimed the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ according to John (John 18:1-19:42). What an incredibly sad story. What an injustice. How could this happened to someone who is so loving and kind and compassionate had to suffer so much, for all of us, the sinners. And it’s hard for us to understand what it all “means” even though we all believe that it has to be done “according to the scriptures”.

This Friday is very different from any other Friday, the Friday that we, the Christian community, glorify as “GOOD” FRIDAY-GOOD for all things on earth.

What could be “good” about an innocent man suffered with cruel whips and crown of thorns, and was crucified and died on the cross on the hill, two thousand years ago. What ‘s so GOOD about that? The answer is:

Absolutely nothing . . . . . . . without faith.

But with faith . . . . . .

* We see our God (in Jesus) willing to enter our world and embrace the challenges we face.

* We see our God (in Jesus) showing us how to live, what’s important, and what we should be about.

* We see our God (in Jesus) reaching out to us in a profound way to restore our relationship with him — that is, to “save” us.

* We see our God (in Jesus) rejecting the temptation to hate — even those who hate him.

* We see our God (in Jesus) refusing to do anything but the will of the Father, no matter how difficult.

* We see our God (in Jesus) embracing his cross so we might have the courage to embrace ours.

* We see our God (in Jesus) teaching us that violence and vengeance/revenge have no place in his kingdom. (obedience)

* We see our God (in Jesus) showing us the power of love — a power so great that it triumphs over even death itself.

And we see our God (in Jesus) pouring out his love into our hearts and died for us even though we are sinners.

Yes, It is “Good” Friday — because God loves us completely, and unconditionally and eternally, regardless who we are.

And so, TGIGF — Thanks God it’s Good Friday, because

God’s love is in the air,
all we have to do is “inhale” his LOVE to LIVE.
and that is why WE say
“we can’t live without your LOVE, my dear God”.

So, let us ALL pray
and take a deep breath
to take GOD’S LOVE into our hearts, our souls and our lives…

So from now on, every times we take a breath,
don’t forget that GOD is with and in us.

GOD always wants us TO SHARE THAT LOVE with OTHERS…
HE wants us to convey his LOVE to
inspire others to live a Christian life and those who do not yet believe in Christ that they may be enter the way to salvation by the light of the Holy Spirit
So that, we all would LIVE in PEACE and HARMONY, in HIS LOVE,

SO, TGIGF ! Thanks God It’s GOOD FRIDAY!


Deacon Joe Hung Nguyen

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