Reason to Celebrate!

advent candle3

We are in the Advent season. And the Advent Wreath is the recognized symbol of Advent. The wreath is made of a circle of green branches to symbolized eternal life and reminds us of His eternity and endless mercy.

The four weeks before Christmas represent HOPE – LOVE – JOY – PEACE and are symbolized with four candles with one lit every Sunday of Advent. The fifth candle (traditionally white) represents the birth of Christ – the light of the world – and is lit on Christmas Day.

My friends, Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus, and not his birthday.  And what we are celebrating is not a coming into the world that occurred long ago, but one that is taking place this very day, this very minute, this very moment — within every human heart that is open to this incredible miracle. 

In other words, Christmas is not principally about recalling a birth that happened two thousand years ago, but about rejoicing in a birth that can and will take place in you and in me. We almost never say Jesus WAS born.  We say Jesus IS born.

In many ways, Jesus wants to be born within each of us this Christmas.

Will we do all we can to keep him alive and healthy in our hearts? 

Will we give ourselves completely to him? 

Will we make him our top priority, our focus — the very center of all we say and do, the very center of who we are?  And maybe most importantly, will we do anything for Him — even the difficult things, the things that require we give everything we have and everything we are?

My friends, Jesus doesn’t want to wait another moment.  He wants nothing more than to born within each of us.  Will we let him?  Will we find new ways to give birth to Jesus in our hearts, our souls, our minds, and in the world?  Will we, like Mother Mary, say “yes”?

 For if we let it happen, if we let Jesus be born within us, people will know.  They will see Jesus on our face, on our smiles and in our actions, shining forth for all to see — a light in the darkness.

Now that’s a reason to celebrate! 


Deacon Joe Nguyen

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