Thanksgiving With GOD

It is the wonderful time when all members of a family gather with joy and laughter. It’s Turkey time, stuffing, apple sauce, cranberry, wine, beer and football, then black Friday time, Shopping, and shopping. shop until you drop.

But Thanksgiving is also a day to give thanks to our God for all the blessings, graces, and protection we have received every day in our lives.

It is also a time to express our gratitude toward God and what it means to live gratitude in God’s love.

To me, Thanksgiving is really Thanksgiving, living in gratitude for God’s amazing love.

What are you most grateful for, today? Have you ever thought about a specific way to express and live gratitude.

Because with gratitude:

* We see our God (in Jesus) willing to enter our world and embrace the challenges we face.

* We see our God (in Jesus) showing us how to live, what’s important, and what we should be about.

* We see our God (in Jesus) reaching out to us in a profound way to restore our relationship with him — that is, to “save” us.

* We see our God (in Jesus) embracing his cross so we might have the courage to embrace ours.

* We see our God (in Jesus) showing us the power of love — a power so great that it triumphs over even death itself.

And we see our God (in Jesus) pouring out his love into our hearts and died for us even though we are sinners.

Living gratitude help us counting the blessings and NOT the deficits,

HELP us focusing on the unlimited power of God working in us, among us and around us.

My wife Maria, a few days ago said to me that we should have a THANKSGIVING WITH GOD.

Thanksgiving with God. I’ve never thought of that.

What a wonderful way to express our gratitude to God than inviting God into your house and share a Thanksgiving dinner with God.

Have you ever had a THANKSGIVING WITH GOD before?

Have You?

ME NEITHER (until my wife mentioned to me, thank you honey)

That reminds me, 2 days ago, in the reading of the Revelation 3:20 Jesus said to us:

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock.

If anyone hear my voice and open the door,

then I will enter his house and dine with him.”

and also in Luke 19:5 Jesus said : “For today, I must stay at your house.”

It’s so obvious that our Lord Jesus wants to come into our house, and our lives to join and share with all of us the happiness, the joyfulness, the laughter and the glory.

Let us all start today, this Thanksgiving Day and every Thanksgiving Day from now on until the end of our time that we will have THANKSGIVING DINNER WITH GOD.

So, on Thanksgiving Day, when you set up the table for your love ones, for your Thanksgiving dinner, set ALSO the best seat at your table for GOD, then set a plate, silverware, napkin, glass, etc.

Then cut for Him the best piece of turkey meat with some warm juicy gravy, serve him some delicious stuffing, some apple sauce, corn, cranberries, or whatever you have on the table, (in my house I’ll serve Him some egg rolls and shrimp balls too)… and don’t forget to pour for Him a glass of wine so He can cheer with your family, then invite Him in & sit down with your family for the THANKSGIVING DINNER. 

You do not see Him (now) but His spirit is there in the best seat that you’ve set for Him, He is with your family.

Believe and have faith, and you will attain and know the ultimate joy of having the Thanksgiving with God.

So, my dear friends, let invite God into your house for Thanksgiving dinner.

Have a wonderful THANKSGIVING WITH GOD in your house this Thanksgiving.


Deacon Joe Nguyen

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