khê kinh kha


For Maria ĐP

If I could gather the moon light and make flowers for your hair
I would do that each and every time we’re watching the moon over the ocean

If I could collect all the flowers in the spring to pave the path for us walking hand in hand through this temporary life
I would spend all my time to build that wonderful path for our lives

If I could reach the sky and pick one star for each smile you gave me with affection and care in all the years we shared
there would not be enough stars in the universe

If I could hug you and kiss you thousand times each day
in each of the years that we’ve been together
and if I could hold you for a million years to full your loving warmth
I still could not fully express all the love in my heart for you

because you are my world
my happiness
my everything
We blend together like rain and water
like ocean and waves
like Autumn and withered leaves
and because
all of you is all of me
all of me is all of you
all of us is in God’s love

khê kinh kha

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