Lent and Consecration

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My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Our Lord Christ Jesus is calling on us to follow him.
He wants to share his glory with all of us
Why? Because He loves us more than we can imagine.

Last Wednesday was the Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, we are on the forty day journey into the desert of life, full of distractions and temptation. It is a sacred time to prepare ourselves to be able to fully embrace the passion, the love, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

It is also a time to lift up our pure hearts and souls to God, and
consecrating our wholeness to Him.
Focus our attention where it needs to be: and that is on our Lord and on WHO we are that God calls us to be (and follow).

It’s so easy for us to become overly focused on ourselves and our particular needs and wants.

It’s so easy for us to loose ourselves in the day-to-day distractions of life.

It’s also so easy for us to miss the SIGNS of grace all around us,  that our God tries to show us,  inviting us and guiding us , so that we would move in the right path, toward himself and toward a life of holiness, generosity, and compassion.

Once we take it to our hearts and embrace our deep need for God, we still need to find ways of moving beyond ourselves, of reaching outward, of striving to live for others and not for ourselves.

Remain open to our God, amend and “empty out” our sinful hearts.

so that God can pour his mercy and love into us and plant the seeds of something new and magnificent in our hearts.

Challenge ourselves :

-to live more faithfully,
-to love more deeply, and
-to give of ourselves more generously.

Pick up our cross and follow Him (passionately).

My friends, let me share with you this thought in one of my poem:

Consecrated, Solemnly

Each day I submit to you, O Lord,
All my soul and all my being
For, I know you are with and in me
In ev’rything I am doing and serving
When I wake up ev’ry morning, O Lord, each day
Thanks be to You. for watching over me,
You are by my side, always.
In temptation or in uncertainty.
When anxiety and trouble crush down on me
And darkness conquers over my mind and vision
You are the guiding light for me to see,
Shining forth to my direction and destination.
Each day, O Lord, thanks be to You,
All protection, graces, and blessings, you’re planting
Into my thoughts, my dreams, and my planning
Into my heart and my ev’rything.
Each day, O Lord, I lift up my pure heart,
And in my soul, my gratitude and sincerity,
My sincere prayer and meditation, to You
The wholeness of me, consecrated, earnestly
Yes, the wholeness of me, consecrated, completely,
To you, in ev’ryday of my lowly life
You gift me love, you gift me wisdom, abundantly,
You gift me vision of eternal light.

Though if my worldly life could span thousand years
Still, how could I repay, O Lord, how could I repay?
For, my life is blessed with Your fullness, always
Like the sun rising in the East each morning
And to the sea, river water longing
For Your sake, O my sweet Lord, I’m conforming
Like flowers blossom, fruit ripens, in the obedience
And from deepest thoughts and prayers, emerge the passion
Carry my cross, following the serving pathway
And all of me, consecrated, solemnly, to You, ev’ryday.

So, let’s consciously pledge to give our very self to God and to one another.
And if we do that, real transformation will begin to take place, and good and magnificent things – for us and others — are almost certainly sure to follow.

I promise.
Have a blessed Lent, my friends.

Khe KinhKha – Joe HungX Nguyen

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