The love of God

Only You , my Lord
Khê Kinh Kha

the sun is rising
darkness disappears
love of God
grace of God
and His Salvation
in the air, every where
who can measure these?

the flowers in the Spring
the breeze in the Summer
the withered leaves in the Fall
the snow in the winter
the love of God
the mery of God
who can number these?

the waves in the ocean
the sands on the seashore
the stars in the universe
the grass on the earth
the drops of the moon light
the dew on the leaves
the joy in heaven
the years in eternity
the grace of God
Who can number these?

Oh how small my heart is
but my love for You, O Lord
as vast as the universe
as bright as the sun rays
as humble as the moon light
who can measure them
who can count them
who can contain them
Only You can, My Lord

Take my life, my soul, my heart
and reign them
fill them with your love
your compassion, your mercy
so no space left for any iniquity
no sorrows, no worries, no sufferings
just only Your love
Your graces
Your mercy
Just You and only You
in me and with me
forever and ever, O Lord

Khê Kinh Kha

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