Reign my life – O God


Reign my everything

O Almighty God
Please open my eyes
   so I may see the ocean with waves
    the forests with trees and animals,
    the rivers with flowing water rushing to the sea
    the Autumn with withered leaves
    the Winter with snow and frozen ice
    the Spring with flowers and butterflies
    and Summer with blue sky and wondering clouds
    the sun, the moon, the stars, the universe
    all the things you’ve created
            for us, sinners
   and so I may see your great love, mercy and care
in everything existing on earth
Open my ears, dear God
so I may hear the whispering of the wind through branches
the birds singing
the rain drops on the leaves
the quietness in the night
the cry, the laugh, the sufferings of others
   and so I may hear your guiding words
            in every steps of my life
open my heart, dear God
So I may receive your will
and let the radian of your love fill my heart
    so I may love all whom I meet  throughout my life as myself
    and, thus, I may act according to Your will
open my lips my dear God
and let the love of the Holy Spirit shine upon me
direct my soul and my lips
so I may worship and glorify You with my sincere and modest heart
and submissive mind and soul
and so I may proclaim the words of the gospels throughout my journey
so for all,
            I may speak kindly
                       love wholeheartedly
            and serve sincerely and willingly

  O my dear God
I am a lowest of the lowly – lowlier than the humble grass on earth
and I am nothing without Your love Your grace Your blessings and Your salvation
reign my heart please
reign my life please
reign my everything please Lord

please Lord

khê kinh kha

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