wrap our body parts in our flag and bury us at our borders


We are Americans

Dear my brothers and sisters, the American people
let us be true to our hearts
the heart of this generation
the soul and the force of the tomorrow
so ache -so hurt by so many things tearing our homeland

let us be brave and be strong
we are the mount Rushmore, the Grant Canyon
we are the lake Michigan, the Key West Florida
we are the river Mississippi, the  desert Nevada
we are the Liberty New York, the Golden Gate California
we are the mountain high Denver, the Yellowstone Utah
we are the volcanoes Hawaii, the Shenandoah Virginia
we are the Niagara Fall New York, the corn field Iowa
we are the coal mine West Virginia, the steel Pennsylvania
we are the blacks, the whites, the yellows
the red and blue
we are the Americans
the sons and the daughters of the proud, the free and the brave
we cannot and we will not
turn our backs and ignore
the corruption and the lies
of those who are selling out this great country
we cannot and will not
close our eyes to destruction or death
nor do we walk away from the killing, murdering, or beheading our innocents

we’d rather die than loose our America values and cultures
we will defend this great nation and its constitution to our last breaths

and if we were killed or blew off in pieces
please do not cry
save your tears for this torn nation and its people
just wrap our body parts in our Star-Spangled flag and bury us at our borders
so our souls will be there – always
and proudly serve and protect our homeland
the land of the free and the home of the brave

HX Nguyen

Bộ sưu tập | Bài này đã được đăng trong tho và được gắn thẻ . Đánh dấu đường dẫn tĩnh.

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