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Here is a perspective offered by a retired Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Deputy that is worthy of serious consideration.

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I needed to do more than to lower my American and Texas flags to half staff this morning to honor our fallen law enforcement officers in Dallas so I wrote the following down and decided to share it. People may not agree with it and they may not like it – but in America, I have the right to say it so here are my thoughts.

We need a twelve step program to stop the disintegration of America. Here’s where I believe we can start:

1.      State that all lives matter. Period.

2.      If you are a citizen of this great country, then state that you are an American and drop the hyphen.

3.      Stop blaming other people for your failures. Did you drop out of school? Did you break the law? Are you on drugs?  Did you get pregnant before you completed your education/training?  Do you treat people respectfully?  Nobody locked you out of school nor do they control your vocabulary and actions. Better yourself through education and introspection.

4.      Do not use the past as an excuse for not making a better future. If my ancestors took land from your ancestors, that’s not my fault. If my ancestors believed in slavery, that’s not my fault. Judge me for what I do and say, not what people did who are now dead and I never even heard their voice or shared a meal with them.

5.      We have avenues of redress for grievances involving every issue you can list. Breaking windows and stealing things do not solve grievances. Do not provide money or support to people who actually don’t solve problems; they instead ferment them in order to make more money. Be smart enough to know when you are being used for someone else’s gain.

6.      If a law enforcement officer tells you to do something that does not immediately jeopardize your life and safety, do it. If you are asked for your identification, provide it. If you are told to put your hands behind your back, do it. If you are told to step outside of your vehicle, get out. None of those actions jeopardize your life and safety, so do not challenge reasonable authority and the odds are great that you will be on your way within a reasonable matter of time. If you determine you have been aggrieved, see item number 5. And very importantly, be smart enough to recognize reasonable authority from totalitarianism. If you do not know the definition of totalitarianism, see item #3.

7.      Do not vote for someone who wants to give you other people’s money for doing nothing. Be smart enough to know that they are buying your vote and the money is not coming out of their pocket. Vote for the person who promises to better your chances of getting a job. If they fail to do that, vote them out of office. Voting for someone who wants to give you other people’s money says something about your character and it isn’t good.

8.      If something is very obvious, it is probably obvious. If people of a particular religious ideology are killing people who are non-threatening to them, there’s obviously a problem with their ideology. It’s not their knife, gun, lack of a job, lack of love, or any other thing than the obvious: it is their religious ideology. Once that is recognized we will be on the way to fix the problem.

9.      If you are in a public place, respect others around you. I don’t want to hear you curse or see you act like a fool and I promise that you won’t hear me curse nor will I act like a fool.

10.  Stop trying to be offended: If I hold a door open for you, that does not mean you are a lesser being. If I complement your looks, that doesn’t mean you are a lesser being. If I say ma’am and you are not a ma’am, look in the mirror and figure out how I could make such a mistake; don’t make it my fault because you look more like a ma’am than a sir and vice versa.

11.  If I say something that is contrary to your belief or opinion, don’t run to a ‘safe space’ to avoid hearing it. Please understand that I would appreciate hearing your opinion, in a respectful way, so I can better inform myself. It is also OK to agree to disagree – but it is not OK for you to say that I cannot say something since people died fighting for my right to speak, they did not give up their lives so that you can restrict my speech.

12.  We all bleed the same blood and our internal organs are essentially interchangeable. Some blood may be A, B, AB, or O, but it is still blood. We are equal no matter where our ancestors are from, our skin pigmentation, or the language we speak. If we separate ourselves by race, creed or color, we will fail as a nation. We must respect life from inception to death. If we live as one people, in one great nation, under one flag that represents our common values, we will thrive as Americans and be better for it.

May God bless America.

Oh, that reminds me. Please respect my right to believe in my God and I will respect your right to believe in your God or no God. And on or about December 25th of each year, I will say Merry Christmas so be prepared to run to your safe place if you cannot subscribe to this twelve step process.

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