CNN's "Erin Burnett OutFront" Launch Party


Mr. Cooper,
What would/will you do when someone insults your lovely wife

Dear Mr. Cooper:

I am writing this to thank you for helping me makeup my decision on which candidate I support and vote for .

I watched the Town Hall you hold the other day in Appleton, Wisconsin, you brought up an issue about Mr. Trump’s & Sen Cruz’s wife matter and you tried to push pressure on Mr. Trump with “why insulting Heidi” then you laughed & made fun of Mr. Trump’s answer (“Ted started first”) with a remark “5 year-old answer” and your co-workers at CNN backed you up by further making fun on that issue on TV.

To me, it shows you are not too professional since you tried to force your “decision” for viewers (including me) on Mr. Trump’s response.
Regardless what you said, Mr. trump only stated the TRUTH and I know that you and your employer CNN always try to dug the truth when the truth is coming from your opposite side.
Let me turn that issue around on you:
What/How will anyone (or you Mr. Cooper) react or respond if someone insults your wife?
To me there are 2 answers to that question:
1) ignoring, or
2) defending.
If you ignore it, that means you do not care (or love) your wife at all, thereby letting others insult your wife. (I hope you are not that kind of man).
However, if you love your wife dearly you will defend your wife, and that is not only the right, just and moral way but also your duty as a man in your family, i.e. protecting and taking care of your love ones in your family to your last breath.

If a man/women does not (or can not) protect/take care/manage/control his or her own family then how that person can “run” the country. (and that is why I do not vote for Hillary, she cannot even control/manage her own husband).
Mr. Trump speaks the normal, blue-color language I can understand which indicated to me that he loves his Wife (and family) and He wants to protect it, which further shows me he will protect and do good for this country because He loves this country and its people.

Once again thank you for helping me makeup my mind on who I support and vote for
This nation needs a leader, NOT a politician, like Mr. Trump to MEND it.

Sincerely yours,

Kinh Kha


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