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                                                                          NHẬT CHIÊU   ((Đây là LỜI GIỚI THIỆU  cho tác phẩm  “NHẬT KÝ KẺ MỊ TÌNH” của triết gia Soren Kierkegaard do Quế Sơn dịch sang tiếng Việt và sẽ được Phuong Nam Book ấn hành trong quý 2, 2015. … Tiếp tục đọc

Random thought on Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday
Nguyễn Xuân Hùng

chuachua 6Easter Sunday is a day filled with joy and hope in faith and love. The Resurrection of Christ is the original “stone” for our faith, and is a greatest unusual divine event ever happened before in human history. For Christians, there is no other day comparable to the day of the Resurrection of Christ. It really is the Lord’s Day. All our joy and hope are derived from what has happened in the first Easter Sunday. Humans dream, long waiting for, came true. Through the power of God, the stone was rolled away, the tomb was opened, and it was found to be empty. Christ rose again from the dead. Things will never be the same anymore, because human life, from now, will no longer be limited to the cycle of life and death on the earth. Suffering, despair, tribulation, misery will no longer be a “burden” for mankind, hence, on the other side of the empty tomb, a new future of eternal life filled with everlasting joy, happiness and hope were widely opened out for all of us. Heaven and earth welcome and glorify Christ’s victory over death for us, sinners. God’s love and peace are with us for ever and ever.

Great joy of the Resurrection is reborn in the Spirit of God and we do not need to wait until after His return (second coming), but right now, right here on this earthly life. We are blessed that we are not alone on this life journey. Christ is with us in every steps we take as Redeemer for us. He always there to support, encourage and strengthen us throughout our lives.. Easter is a new life in Christ. His resurrection, therefore, must be reflected in our own thoughts and in our own lives. His love must always be in our hearts and souls. And we must completely put our trust in Him, we worship Him and we glorify Him.


Nguyễn Xuân Hùng