Lời cầu xin cho tất cả

A Prayer For All

By Khê Kinh Kha

chua tim

Daticated to my dear brothers & sisters in the 2013 Diaconate Program
at The Diocese of Richmond, Virginia

Dear Almighty God,
God of abundant mercy and grace
you are our shepherd
please help us, sinners,
find a place for You, in our hearts,
and for You, ablaze our souls with fervor.
Our hearts are filled with gratitude toward You,
For, we pray and we beseech:
set everything we are doing aflame,
and, let us be your instrument, your slaves
of the church on fire
for, with wholeheartedly, we obey and serve,
’cause we are Your servants.
And, for, my God of boundless love,
make us your serving agents,
we consecrate and we praise for your glory
shine your righteousness,
your holiness,
your mercy
upon us, to carry out your will,
we pray and we petition, my Lord:
to the world, please give peace
to the needy, give bread
to churches, stability
to your dispersed children, unity
to enmity, love
to betrayal, trust
to arrogance, humility
to dictatorship, freedom
to illiterate, education
to suffering, relief
to fear, courage
to skeptic, faith
to weariness, rest
to decision, guidance
to temptation, strength
to selfishness, generosity
to fury, gentleness
to misfortune, comfort
to forgiveness, rejoice
to lost sheep, joy of the Gospel,
for, in peace and in harmony,
in holiness, in compassion
in meekness, in modesty
we live and pray
we worship You
serve You
and glorify You
forever and ever

 Khê Kinh Kha Hung X Nguyen

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