thơ Như Nguyệt ** I am writing a poem for you

Happy New year to you with lots of love.

I am writing a poem for you

hoavang*Today, I am writing a poem for you
My only daughter, my best friend, my princess
Please do not think I don’t care for you
Please do not say I write a poem for Leo, for even Spike but not for you….
I don’t write a poem for you, yet…
Doesn’t mean I don’t care for you
Sorry you have to ask: “When are you going to write a poem for me, mom? “

*My dearest, I love you so much
You are my life, my joy, my hope
My love for you can’t described by words
My love for you, no condition, infinity…

*I love to spoil you, my princess
I love to shower you with gifts
I love to bring you with me everywhere
We travel the world, we explore many countries in luxury
We travel in style, take pictures for each other
I don’t want to go shopping without you
I don’t mind buy you designer clothes, shoes, accessories, handbags…
I don’t mind to pamper you with materials
Why not? Life is too short
With pleasure, I let you enjoy whatever you like
I support you totally -any professions you choose
Trust you completely on the issue of marriage, whoever you want to spend your life with
So let me spoil you, spoil you to death!
But I also encourage you to mediate
Also told you beauty inside is more important! It would last forever…
and always better, much better than the look outside
Always reminding you don’t ever forget your God, Jesus Christ
Also reminding you learn as much as you can from the almighty Budda, my compassionate God
Don’t forget to pray and appreciate what you have in this life, every day
My darling, be humble, be kind, be nice, be generous, be compassionate, loving and understanding
Please know for sure that you are very fortunate, very lucky compare to millions people on this earth
And then you can feel the true meaning of happiness
Like I told Leo life is a blank, nothing in it, an empty canvas
You can draw whatever you like, and LIFE will be it
So my artistic daughter, can you draw a beautiful, meaningful, joyful, awesome life?

*We do scrapbook; we arrange flowers together
You love to draw, I love your drawings
You are a “dream come true” daughter!
A daughter who I’ve always wanted, wish to have
You do “make up” for mom, be a chauffeur driving mom around
A real pro. personal assistant when we travel
You are nice to everyone, to my friends

You’re very easy to get along with
Your personality shine –I got my best wish!
You tell me secrets you don’t tell anyone
I adore you, always think you are pretty, charming, loveliest!
When you smile, your dimples made my day bright
Yes, darling, I love to see you happy, love to see you smiling
Your long, thick, beautiful hair floating in the wind
Your eyes sparkles in the sunshine
and your beautiful hands made me think you surely would have a very good life


*Your naiveness is sweet
Always so touching when you call me “Mom”, “Mẹ” with your needy, sweetly voice
Always so proud of you, my darling
Will always call you “Bé. You’re always my baby, baby!

*A bond between a mother and a daughter!
So trong, very strong bond…
No words, my darling, no words in the world can describe my love for you
That is why I hesitate to write a poem specially for you, Annie.

My daughter, I love you so much!
My daughter, I love you the most
All night last night I was looking for words
When you love someone too much
When someone is so close, so dear to you
When the love is uncondition love, above all the love
It’s not easy to write a poem, to express your true feeling for that person
Because no language in this world can tell, can describe enough
Oh, my “bé”, my darling, my sweetest baby


Quách Như Nguyệt
Dec 2012

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